The AST Family

Billy Kingston


36 yrs

Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, Cooking Italian Food, Making homemade wine, Babying my fig trees, Captiva Island, watching Grandkids in sports, Music, Dance, Ryanne and Billy 4 weddings, Love and Loyalty from 4 sons and daughters in Laws and 9 Grandkids, 24 members of my beloved AST Family, and my wife of 61 YEARS, VIVIENNE! It doesn't get any better.

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Chris Kingston

VP of International Services

29 yrs

I enjoy spending time with my family, travel, hiking and all kinds of exercise. I also enjoy reading literature, history and the occasional well written bumper sticker. Favorite comic strips: “Hagar the Horrible” and “The Wizard of ID”. Music – love to listen, play and see live concerts. We recently saw Aerosmith in Springfield – they can still rock! And ending with an important, interactive question: “Did you walk to school or carry your lunch?

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Tim Kingston

VP of Domestic Services

22 yrs

Trish, Carly, Shannon and Gabby ROCK! I love all exercise, running FAST, Bruce Springsteen, coaching, hiking, camping, biking, Guinness Draught, a good IPA, Red Sox and Celtics, not necessarily in that order. Scared of sharks. Favorite movie is Bull Durham. I think the curve ball should be banned from baseball at all levels.

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Phil Ieraci

Director of Sales

32 yrs

Billy is responsible for getting me my first job in trucking. I am still mad at him over it! My favorite pastime is spending time and relaxing in Captiva, FL with my family. Growing up I worked in my uncle's store and waited on Billy many weekends. To this day, he still accuses me of putting my finger on the scale! I enjoy vegetable gardening and raising fig trees. I love hanging out in the backyard with my granddaughters.

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Jen Derench

Import/Export Assistant Manager

23 yrs

I am from Topeka, Kansas. I drove a real NASCAR race car at the Kansas City Speedway. I like mustard on my grilled cheese sandwiches. I flew in a helicopter over Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii. My favorite color is purple. I want to ride 1 time with a storm chaser. The beach is my happy place.

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Pam O'Keefe

Senior TL Planner

17 yrs

I really enjoy hiking and seeing wildlife. I am a foodie. I enjoy craft beer and am known as a beer snob now.

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Amy Chagnon

Senior TL Planner

16 yrs

I love animals and became a vegetarian. I am a grandmother. I love it! I have loved and had horses since I was 8 years old. I had my first horse for 25 years. He lived to age 30, which is a long life for a horse.

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Julie Rosado

Senior LTL Planner

15 yrs

I have an inner J-Lo. I like working out to choreographed dance videos, and I am really good at it! I have a Shih-Tzu that has trained me well. LOL

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Paula Bienvenue

Senior Intermodal Planner

13 yrs.

I swam with a dolphin, a barracuda, and sharks. I name my vehicles. Love to camp / afraid of bears I own 50+ pairs of leggings. I once stepped on hot charcoal. I hiked the Seven Sisters Mtns. (with 4 sisters). I can do Vulcan salute with both hands. Fall is my favorite season. 1st album I bought was by Andy Gibb I love live, musical theater Wrote ‘Marvin the Marshmallow’ and won 2nd prize in essay contest I have a freckle in my eye.

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Don Tichenor

Director Sales/Operations Miami

12 yrs

Love Being in the ocean in my outrigger canoe or with my outrigger team, Kana Lui Miami. Used to paddle in dragon boat races with Red Dragons Miami. Have run several half-marathons, marathons, and triathlons. Hate having my picture taken. Used to camp all over the state of Florida with my kids to go geocaching. Am a recent empty-nester - YES!


Andrew Martin

Operations Specialist TL / Special Equipment

11 yrs

Owner of a Great Dane and 3 chickens. Screwing up lunch orders is my claim to fame at AST!

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Sandra Quiterio

Director Credit/Receivables/Payables

11 yrs

This is Sandra. Sandra requires coffee to function properly. Sandra is a slave to coffee. Do not be like Sandra. Straight Outta Portugal. Eager to come into this world, born 3 months premature, in a Mercedes.

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TJ Adams

Manager TL Staff

8 yrs

I enjoy golfing, fishing, and working out. My left leg and arm are slightly longer than my right. I am petrified of heights and roller coasters.

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Danny Hogan

Senior Account Executive

7 yrs

Avid golfer, fisherman, and cyclist. I do not confuse avid with skilled. Proud cat dad.

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Kristel Bouchard

Operations Specialist TL

10 yrs

I once hiked all 138 miles of the historic Appalachian Trail in MA/CT, which took 2 weeks to complete.

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Kelly Rodriguez

Operations Specialist TL

6 yrs

I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan. Stephen King is my favorite author. My husband and I drove from MA to CA in 2005. I LOVE New Mexico and really want to move there. I have been to the Grand Canyon twice, hiked down once when I was eight. The bull terrier is my favorite breed of dog, ever since Spuds Mckenzie made his first commercial.

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Naiya Rivero

Operations/Sales Assistant Miami

4 yrs

I have an online store of handmade baby items and shirts. My hobby is crafting DIY projects. I love shopping online. I have been on a helicopter ride, where my husband proposed. I enjoy going out on my boat and snorkeling.


Lisa Norman

Bookkeeper/ Independent Contractor

7 yrs

Champion horse rider for POA at 55 years old. Won Certificate of Musicianship from Berklee College of music when still in highschool. My dad taught me to drive a 10 wheel tractor with 45 foot trailer on the side of a cliff. Operated a bulldozer, backhoe and dumptruck. Fronted a rock and roll band as a lead singer and lead guitarist. I have an affinity for Blue Merle Collies. I hope to raise and train them in my retirement.

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Jenny Carrasquillo

Operations Specialist LTL

4 yrs

Secret Salsa Dancer. Hate taking pictures. Love to travel.

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Alycia Perla

Operations Specialist TL

1 Year

wife and mom to 3 great kids. Loves all things pigs and pit bulls and dreams of restoring an old Victorian house one day